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Lucifer's Reckoning

Shige Sakurai
25 April
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Character's Name –

Shige Sakurai

Character's Age –


Character's Sex –


Character's Grade –

10th (would be 11th, but since he has never been to high school, he was put in the 1st year there)

Character's Birthday –

April 25

Character's Appearance -

Shige is around 5'9" and looks made for the streets. His hair is short in some places yet long in others, giving it an unkept look. Though black in color, his hair appears to have a shade of purple in it in certain lights. His eyes are brown and seem to make him look daring and determined. He dresses in whatever he can afford, but enjoys looking intimidating. He is a druggie and it can be seen in his eyes at times, or on his arms which he keeps covered as much as possible when around others.

Character's Personality –

Shige is somewhat of a smart ass. He is the leader of a well known drug gang and maintains power over the group. He is an addict as well as a known trouble maker. He may not look like it, but he does have his morals, even though some may not be considered good morals. He can be considered a bad influence to some, but to others, he is a loyal friend. He looks out for his younger sister though to her it may not seem it most of the time.

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Character's Good Traits -

Shige is loyal to his most trusted friends. He is usually very determined, too. If someone plays with him, he'll strike for revenge in the most unexpected times, making him conniving. He does care for his sister very much, though he tries to hide it, especially in front of his friends. He is also a very easy to talk to kind of guy, only sometimes you may find yourself wondering what he is saying, or if he is being truthful. He has a way with words that can trap nearly anyone, yet remains sincere.

Character's Bad Traits -

Shige will often trust his friends to the point where he's at their mercy. He isn't extremely careful with whom he gives responsibilities in his gang because he believes they will pull through for him. Though this leaves him in a vulnerable situation, it also puts a burden of guilt on the other person, making them not want to betray Shige. Another major bad habit of Shige's personality is his addiction to drugs. It sometimes seems as though Shige has no opinion to whether he is alive or dead. He also tends to talk in a circle of lies too, becoming nervous when a person catches on, whether they have or haven't.

Character's Likes -

-running the streets
-his sister
-being in control
-having another in his mercy
-trashing things

Character's Dislikes -

-knowing he is unable to trust someone
-anyone who messes with Yui
-his parents

Character's Fighting Style -

Shige learned to fight from the many street brawls he gets into. He’s even been known to earn money from fighting against people who challenged him on the streets.

Character's History -

Shige’s mom came from a family of Priests and Priestesses, but was shunned from running away and becoming a Yankee. She married a hard working man that thinks it is his responsibility to run the household.

Shige’s mom used to have parties during the nights that were nothing but a bunch of people got drunk and some high. Shige would often get pissed at his mother for drinking and angry at his father for not everything he could to prevent it. It wasn’t long before Shige began to sneak some alcohol for himself. The parties were put to an end when his dad was promoted to manager so now his mom brings the party somewhere else.

By that time, Shige had already begun to hang around with the wrong crowd and experiment with drugs. His role in the group was to bring the alcohol, which he stole right from under his mother’s nose. Not long afterwards, Shige and his group of friends decided to try dealing drugs and were amazed in how much money they got from it. They got the supplies to sell from one of the guys Shige’s friend bought frequently from. The guy didn’t mind, as long as he got some of the profit, too.

So Shige and his buddies went to work, recruiting more people and selling more and more drugs. Once Shige had finished Junior High, he didn’t even bother looking for a high school. He had decided that school had used up too much valuable time. His father greatly disapproved of Shige’s idea, but couldn’t find anyway to make Shige listen to him. Whenever they talked, an argument was the result.

When Yui entered high school, Shige had a run on with a cop. The cop had caught Shige in the possession of drugs, but Shige saved himself by pointing out that the cop was a guy that bought his drugs from Shige’s gang. The cop was dumbfounded that his own dirty habits had made their way into the conversation. He offered a compromise to Shige. If Shige went back to school and did not mention this incident, the cop would in turn also drop the charges. Shige was just happy that he wouldn’t be getting in trouble so he agreed to the terms.

That day, he saw Yui’s paperwork for her new high school, Gakuin High. So, he went to get the paperwork for his own enrollment at the same school.

Character's Family Notes –

Masashige Sakurai - 43 – He is Shige’s father. He works as a manager in construction. A big burly guy that won't let any male near his daughter and lets his son know he'll grow up a nobody just like him whenever he gets the time.

Wakana Sakurai - 37 – She is Shige’s mother and was born into a family of priests she disappointed her family by joining some famous street gang and becoming a Yankee. She likes to spend her time in her bedroom with a hangover sleeping till the next party. She only gets away with it because of her family.

Yui Sakurai - 15 – Shige’s younger sister that also attends Gakuin High. He is in the same grade as her since he had intentionally dropped out of school only to be put back in it. Her profile can be found here.

Grandmama Kaede Hojo - 65 – Kaede is Wakana's mom and Chief Priestess at the Hojo's family shrine. She doesn't talk to her daughter anymore but is close to her granddaughter. Shige doesn’t bother visit her because like his mother, Kaede hates him.

Character's Neighborhood –

Shige and his family live in an apartment building for middle class families. He usually invites a couple of friends over during the day time to go offer drug sells, get high, and watch a little porn.

Character's Job –

He runs a gang in Tokyo that are one of the well known drug gangs. They make their money dealing, stealing/robbing, or by gambling either in games (such as card games, etc.) or by betting on fights amongst others.

Character's Transportation -

Shige either walks, steals someone’s bike, or hitches a ride on a bus or train unnoticed just to avoid paying.

Character's Dating Status -

Shige is not dating anyone at the time, but enjoys a relationship here and there. Not the type to make a commitment though because he’ll end up unfaithful most likely.

People He Dated -

Shige has not dated anyone from the RPG yet.

Character's Social Status -

Shige seems to lack common sense compared to most people. He is well known among the bad crowds in Tokyo because he is the leader of a large gang that is known mainly for their huge drug dealings.

Class Schedule -

2 Chemistry
3 Geometry
4 Japanese 1
5 World History
6 English 1
7 PE 1

2 Calligraphy
3 Health
4 Japanese 1
5 Italian
6 English 1
7 PE 1

2 Calligraphy
3 Health
4 Italian



Classes Character Excels In -

Once upon a time, Shige did well in choir until his addiction got the better of him.

Classes Character Does Poorly In -

He slacks off too much to be able to determine what is an attempt at work or what his just his laziness shining through.

Quote -

"My heart is like a bird that has lost its wings and cannot fly. I keep searching and searching for those wings, but all I can find is darkness."

Character's Titles -


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